Spring nerves


Where are you running to?

I’ve been waiting for you for so long…

You rested in the frozen ground

and in the trunks without life,

And I was slowly dying

glued to the radiator – a dead sun.


Why aren’t you patient?

You throw me hundreds of crocuses in my retina

you make me dizzy with their kaleidoscope

white, yellow or purple (my favorites),

and then so soon

do you bloom my daffodils?


Have you already slept the snowdrops?

I did not even succeed

to make them lyrics

or stories for my child

and you, hasty and selfish,

are you tired of them?


Are you jealous?

you noticed my fire started hard

from wet matches

metamorphosed for a moment

in the beginning of a smile

and did you quickly break up the beautiful?


You know something?

You’re just like the world around us

in a hurry to touch nothing,

video games with flowers and leaves to shoot,

I stay inside myself until June

when I will jump straight into the pool

and you

will be long


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