The past as a mirage

It’s amazing how our mind can put aside let’s say bad memories from the past by a simple decant process. All solid particles of worries, discontent, misery, stress are left somewhere at the bottom of our conscience in a certain way that whenever you remember your past it appears as a state of bliss. You don’t let yourself deceived, so you tell to the mirage, come on, where did you leave that sad event, what about the other one? Yes, if you make an effort, you remember them, but only as a shopping list. Almost no torturing feeling attached.

By comparison, especially when the present does not shine, the past appears always more brightly. At least parts from the past, the ones available in the immediate conscience. How great was your job when you laughed all day long with your colleagues! How young we were in team buildings or at Christmas parties! How brilliant were the companionships in the office, the coffees we drank together, the gossips and many other little stupid things!


Our current life contains the effects of our personal decisions to change parts from the past that we did not like. Yet we succeed sometimes to not be aware of this conditioning, idyllic escaping just into the past that we’ve changed. Of course there are less successful decisions whose consequences we did not foreseen. But our present is not made only from such failures. It contains good and bad elements, exactly how in the past we had a similar panoply.

But what does this delusion mean? Why do we like to swim in a false past or in an imagined future? I believe there is no more difficult job on earth than living your current life, the only real one, the life that flows imperturbably from morning till evening. When I say live I mean live and be content, not to say live and be happy cause it sounds too glamorous. I live a conscious life and just because it’s my choice I enjoy it otherwise everything is meaningless. It seems easy, but it’s not. That’s why positive thinking was invented in order to get rid of those crying persons that complain all day long like somebody is forcing them to live in a way they don’t like.

Falling into the trap of tiring comparisons with the past, in this way the present has no chance of success. Also this sport looks like cutting the branch under standing alone. Beside, these comparisons are not even fair. How can an adult life compares with the mirage of childhood when somebody else bothered to put food on the table and clothes in the wardrobe? The period when you had access to a tireless source of unconditional love, no matter what you did. The purpose of those times was to build the foundation of the future you. From now on, from your plentifulness, it is compulsive to give some love to the world. No more breastfeeding for you. You had your meal. The time to pay it forward has come.

Nowadays everybody talks about being grateful. No matter how much I dislike to repeat what others say, I need to admit that in this escape in the past there is a huge amount of lack of gratitude. Denying the present, being unsatisfied all day long, there are examples of blind ingratitude for your own life. The same with feeling fetid smells from your waking hours while a heady scent attracts you from the past or from the future who comes to satisfy your insatiable desire for more or better. And when you reach this more or better, instead of an explosion of gratitude, after a while, you seek again for more or better.

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