Between us

Between us

just a few meters of parquet

and two wooden doors, poorly closed.

Between us

the old sadness,

the tears that have fallen and the ones that have not.


Between us

transformed in clay, in space,

all the knifes-words, with big or small blades,

all the screwdriver-words or the pocket knife ones

and the almost deadly ones, pistol type.


Between us

with opposite effect,

lies the big words, the effusions,

the promises, the stereotype phrases,

the fairy tale ones.


Between us

live together

all the betrayals, the revealed lies

and the hidden ones,

the desire to change and the self retrieval one.


Between us

the differences of being, thinking, talking

become a wall.

Still between us

brick by brick

are stuck our own wounds,

fears, failures, cowardice.


Too much to climb…

Only some super powers

or the untraceable God

or the death

could bring us together again.

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